Our goal is total customer satisfaction, which is why we have always rigorously applied a meticulous and constant method to improve our products and processes, in terms of performance, a highly focused research and development phase backed up by advanced tools for testing and verification and, finally, reliable control of the entire company process certified according to ISO 9001.

The numerous certifications we have obtained – among which the latest with the most stringent health and hygiene requirements in the innovative product series – comply with the criteria of VDI 6022. This is a testimony to Eden's priority attention and constant commitment to various issues, such as innovation, quality, efficiency and the unmitigated reliability of the solutions and product ranges we offer to the market. Each of these issues are of paramount importance to Eden Clima.

A GROUP S.p.a (Trademark Eden). participates in the ECP programme for FCU. Check ongoing validity of certificate:

Certificate n. 03.01.094Fan Coil Units – FCU

Hygiene compliance test
no. W-294689-18-WD
- VDI 6022, Part 1 (01/2018)
- SWKI VA104-01 (04/2006) ELIOS-Hy fan coil unit

Hygiene compliance test
n. W-294690-18-WD
- VDI 6022, Part 1 (01/2018)
- SWKI VA104-01 (04/2006) SOFT-Hy cassette

Certificate n. 1368/6 EA Activity:18
Design, production ancd assistance of air conditiong and refrigeration equipment: fan coil units, ventilated, convectios, dectable units, heat recovery units, liquid chillers, heat pumps, root top units and condensing units.

CE Mark The products comply with the requirements of European Union directives.

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